Shop 3/51 Farrington Road, Leeming, Perth, Western Australia Monday : CLOSED, Tue – Thur : 3.30pm – 9.30pm, Fri – Sun : 11am – 3pm and 4.30pm-9.30pm 9313 5638

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Ultimate dining experience like no other
We are a prominent Chinese Restaurant located in the heart of suburbia Leeming. Our purpose is to offer diners a memorable dining experience through quality of food and great service. Offering Traditional Malaysian Chinese Style Cuisines including Roast BBQ Meats, Banquet experiences and of course fresh, high quality Take-Away menu items, Chin’s is the perfect place to dine in, to celebrate, and to enjoy a meal with your family and friends.


Checkout our Signature Dishes
With over 38 years of culinary/ restaurant experience. Chef Chin knows what discerning diners seek. Be it our authentic flavours, great service and family friendly ambience. Chin’s unrivalled popularity is a testament to all these.

Offering signature dishes such as our Famous Three Course Peking Duck, Freshly cooked Lobster bedded with Yee Mein Noodles, Singapore Style Chilli Snow Crab, Steamed half-shell Scallops with Glass Noodles. Owner/ Chef Chin understands the great importance of quality and consistency in cooking. It’s with this, he uses only the finest ingredients and hand picks the freshest produce in order to deliver the highest quality dining experience possible.